About Us

Hey there, and welcome to ZEAL. By now, you've probably made your sums and are ready to buy some awesome sportswear for your team! And you're probably shopping around a bit...

I will let you in on a secret that nobody in the customized sportswear industry ever talks about. All of the big brands that create customized sportswear do not own the factories that produce their sportswear. They sub-contract the work to a few factories. At ZEAL SPORTS we don't pretend to own the factories, instead, we like to call them partners and are based in Asia right next to them. 

In Asia, there are not a lot of factories that create high-quality customized sportswear because the order sizes are relatively small. It is much more appealing for them to produce large orders for big retailers.

Most of the brands creating customized sportswear make their garments in the same factories. Yes, this was an eye-opener for me too. 

ZEAL SPORTS was founded by a New Zealander in 2014 who happened to find himself in Hong Kong. He began to notice that back home in New Zealand a lot of clubs and schools were struggling to pay the high prices they were forced to pay for high-quality sportswear. Teams were having to play in old jerseys that were falling apart. He then decided to venture into China and the Philippines to do a little bit of investigation. After doing some calculations it was obvious. Sports teams were paying too much for their high-quality sportswear, he then set about changing this by providing high-quality sportswear at reasonable prices.

ZEAL SPORTS was born. 

Remember: We are able to produce high-quality sportswear at great prices because we are not having to fund unnecessary overhead costs.